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Can I please get a pair of these?
Let's talk about socks. I know, I know... you're thinking I've lost my mind. No, no I haven't. Something that I didn't know until a few weeks ago was that Burlington is home to a well recognized performance sock manufacturer called Wrightsock. Cool ya? Of course, I figured I'd support our local businesses first by trying out a pair to see how they compare to my good old fashioned Wal Mart socks when put in a 17 KM (10 Mi.) day. They come highly recommended and I'd love to say they make the cut, but I still have mixed feelings over it.

At first, I thought I noticed additional hot spotting with the dual liner sock technology. Lot's of runners, walkers, hikers use two socks to avoid blisters (Wrightsock guarantees against blisters) and these have a second liner sock already sewed in. While I tried to debate whether the heat I felt was a result of the socks or increasing my distance, after switching back to plain cotton socks for day,  I realized that they're making truly amazing socks.

Though, for my purposes, I'm not sure it's going to be good enough. I ordered a pair of Cool Mesh II in the prettiest color I could find (purple). Sadly, that's my first complaint about these performance sock companies (I'm looking at you Darn Tough). They're bloody ugly. I would be lying if I didn't admit that I have absolutely no interest in wearing a black and orange (or gray) sock. Sadly, I have a foot the size of a Sasquatch, so I'm limited in my choices, but for the cost of these things, you should be able to order them in any color of the rainbow. What's more is if you haven't ever purchased performance athletic socks, they're damn expensive. Wrightsocks seem to be on the less expensive end of the scale: $7.50 - $15.00. However, I still have a heart attack every time I put them in the washer.... hoping that the sock gnome doesn't eat one.

Which brings me to my latest pair of socks, made by Zensah at $13.98 a pair. I purchased a snazzy pink pair from Amazon. They're made of wool and a single layer. Much better cushion and the hot spots are gone. But I want more. I plan on hiking about 800 miles this summer, and I'm taking suggestions on exactly what is the right sock? I need massive cushion, great wicking and flawless blister proof action. If you have an idea for me, give me a comment below!

Update: I decided to give the Wrightsocks another go today and now have a blister on the back of my heal. Not sure if I'm just using too thin of a Wrightsock or not, but this definitely has made me decide to use another brand for now.

Wasteland or Wonderland? That's the question. Last week I have a test for a government job in Winston Salem. Signing a non-disclosure agreement made me feel like I had entered the ranks of some super secret government organization. The real secret was where to eat? My go-to favorite in Winston was always TJ's Deli and their Sicilian sandwich. One problem, I don't eat bread anymore. Cheeseburgers are always a safe comfort food for me as I can ditch the bun. But where does one find a good burger in Winston Salem? Google is useless except for the image search and weeding through the preppy, bland burgers that have popped up in the last few years that people claim are great. What makes a burger great? Well, it should look like an absolute mess. The restaurant should be the size of a Dairy Queen takeout window and there should be a line around the building at lunchtime with normal looking people.  I'm talking old-school, cash only, greasy bags and they better sure as shit have chili. Guess what? There's such a place!

PB's Takeout serves up one damn good burger with all the aforementioned criteria met. Although they don't cook it outdoors style, per se, this place is what CookOut should be. Delicious, ghetto fabulous southern burgers (and hotdogs). Even if I do ever get a job, even if I do ever make enough money to afford those $9 tasteless pub burgers that  the bourgeois of the Triad claim are the best, I'll still hold true to my roots- cheap food, honest people and eating from the hood of my car. There's still nothing like it.

I can't say if Winston is a foodie wonderland quite yet, but they win this day.
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Honestly, I went out for Indian food yesterday after an intense craving for some cheese naan and discovered something amazing. First thing is first, Café Mirchi (formerly Indian Palace) has a superb menu of traditional Indian and Pakistani cuisine. You can order it white person tasteless to Indian hot and the portions are generous. I loved the Chicken Karahi.

Even better yet, they're on for a $15 for $6 gift certificate, and if you sign up with their newsletter, they'll send you a 10% off coupon in your email, immediately. But seriously, the best reason to go to Café Mirchi, besides their super cool Tate Street location? Chocolate naan bread. That's right! Traditional flat bread covered in butter, drizzled in Nutella with a scoop of ice-cream. Think of it as a fat crepe. It's out of this world.

If you're looking for something unique and different to fix that sweet tooth, this is it. For a restaurant that calls itself Café Spicy (mirchi), their dessert naan is one cool treat that probably few know about.