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My Cat Swallowed Viagra

Cats accidentally swallow all kinds of things. Mine once swallowed Viagra.

It all started when my best friend Charlotte's boyfriend: Earl, enlisted me for some advice as to what to buy her for Christmas. Since Charlotte and I have been friends since childhood, he was under the impression I could somehow manifest the perfect present that eludes his tiny male mind. Yes I'm the "Girlfriend Whisper," apparently. (Perhaps there is some truth there.) This particular day, I was having none of it, and when he asked, "What do I get her Liv? Come on! Help me!" I jokingly suggested he try surrendering his sexual freewill to her by buying a bottle of Viagra, and include a note saying that he would take it when ever she wants. I expected him to laugh at the idea of being emasculated of his manhood, and say "Seriously... you're such a feminist!", like he always does, but he didn't.

In fact, he didn't take it as a joke at all, and the next night I …