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Diy - When Your A/C Won't Stop or Start / Contactor Repair

It's bloody hot out there. It really sucks when the A/C doesn't work right. Getting it fixed can be expensive if you call the HVAC people & I don't understand how Lowes and Home Depot have tons of Do-it-yourself stuff, but when it comes to home heating and air conditioning they have nothing.

You would think we all had nuclear reactors sitting in our backyards, with technology so incredibly
complicated that the average person could never understand. The truth is it isn't. In fact, every A/C unit out there generally has the same basic parts that make up the unit. Many of which can be replaced by the average person. HVAC people don't want to tell you this, but one of the most popular parts to fail is the electrical contactor.

I've put this repair off for about 3 years, each year I go out and bend, or modify the 18 year old electrical contactor just to get us by. This year it was finally time to replace it. It's actually really simple, and the symptoms of a ba…