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The Ultimate Power (Christianity in one poem)

Disclaimer: I wrote this when I was 10. Then I was a practicing Methodist with (apparent to me now) a tad bit of extremist in me. Though to be honest, I think I was examining the irony of how the beliefs of religion don't often match their actions. Ironically I grew up to be an agnostic lesbian whose poetry probably has gotten worse over the years. If there is a God, this proves he has a sense of humor. :)
Doth behold the power in him?
Bow before the blade of fiery sword which loves us.
Do his bidding in his eyes.
Form yourself, and to him- give your life.
Abide the law of which he gave.
Justify yourself by doing things his way.
Follow this path and you shall excel.
Fail him not, or go to Hell.

Many ministers, and others are all wrong.
They preach a path that's easily found.
The road is rough for where you're bound.
Do it now or later take what is left...
and burn in Hell with eternal death.

Determine the path that you've found.
Make sure that it's straight and not that of roun…