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A Defining Moment - life not lived, isn't really life at all.

I've had a lot of defining moments in the last two years. Pivotal experiences which have shaped my life. I've traveled, I've buried loved ones. I grew up from a child into a woman. All these events have shaped me in to the person I am. If I had the chance to meet my former self of just a few short years ago, I would be unrecognizable to myself. I'm the product of someone else's choices who I no longer claim to be. Then when I lost my job, and lost my family, I thought I had lost myself. It took a random encounter with a sword throwing acrobat to make me realize what really mattered wasn't the parts of you or your life you lose, it's the changes that make you who you are right now that matter.

As humans we're always in flux, in a constant state of change. Recently I found myself changed by a complete stranger. Simply by realizing someone you don't know can have this sort of power over you is a perspective changer, it's humbling, perhaps frightenin…