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How to dress for Europe and Not Get Sold Into The Paris Sex Trade.

...or how not to get mugged for being an American while in Europe.
...or how to not look like a complete American idiot while on vacation in Europe.

It was about three years ago when Shan and I boarded that plane for Europe for the first time. While we were under the false precept that our previous domestic travels would give us some sort of preparedness others might not have, we made one one fatal mistake; we had thought nothing of clothing and dress. I was naive as are most Americans first traveling abroad. While I consider the faux pas a simple first time mistake, at least I can laugh about it. I've seen the movie "Taken" where the young girl is kidnapped and put into Paris's sex trade because she was obviously "clocked" as an American. That crap is scary, I was lucky I made it out of London alive looking like I did.

Looking back, dying my hair a golden beach blond like a Los Angeles surfer girl wasn't the best idea. Buying bright, white NIKE running sh…