Stockel Brussels Belgium - Where I keep my happiness.

Stockel, BE
We're currently in Brussels, near the Stockel Metro (Stokkel) station staying at our friend's. To be blunt and to the point, the last two days have been incredible in every sense of the word. Sarah took us to Bruges for some amazing chocolate, then to a tea room for the most amazing hot-chocolate you've ever laid your eyes on, then to a small quaint restaurant serving authentic Belgian cuisine. I couldn't even tell you what they served, just that they it was great, like everything here. The frites (french fries) and the sauces are insanely good. Merely just the bread and cheese is indescribable. If it sounds like we're eating the whole time, it's probably because we are.

Stockel Station
I can't wait to share all of it with all my readers when I get home, but I'm a bit hung-over from Sarah's attempt to get us drunk and laid in Bruges last night. I fought her every step of the way but somehow she managed to convince me to take several shots of "Baby Guinness" (a Guinness and Bailey's concoction) and then Shannon started to bring shots of this fruity curd drink (you read it right: CURDS!) followed by another huge glass of Guinness to wash it down. It was all good till I visited the W.C. (water closet) and had to hover and keep balance while the lights were strobing different colors to the very loud music. Honestly I loved every minute of it.

Today is our Thaly's train out of Midi, and we're bound for Paris. I really almost don't want to leave here. I've told Sarah that I'd be glad to cook and clean for them and be their maid if she'd let me stay. As a back up plan I figured I'd go the homeless route. Apparently when you become homeless in Brussels you get a free puppy. I kid you not, they all have puppies.
Waffles at the Stockel Market
I can't believe the amount of French you pick up when you're immersed in the culture. I'm absolutely loving it too. Give me 6 weeks here and I'd be doing pretty darn good.

 I woke up this morning before everyone else and found my happiness out on Sarah's balcony. A tiny, average looking third floor balcony that for me is perhaps the most perfect place in the entire world. This is where I keep my happiness. I found a peace here overlooking Stockel square and the market below as the people migrate from the Stockel metro. The aromas emitting from below are to die for. We had a Belgian waffle from the market yesterday which was enough for my to denounce my American citizenship and start the immigration process.
Stockel Residential Area.

I'm truly so grateful for having Sarah on this leg of the trip. I've had more fun, and more laughs in the last 48 hours than I can remember in a long, long time. Laughing so hard you come to tears, can only comes from the company of old friends. It's the most healing and the most wonderful sort of vacation one can have. Because of it I don't think I'll ever be able to forget this trip, or Stockel.


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