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Surviving a Nuclear Attack In North Carolina

Today's Red-Scare is much different from years past, when Americans feared communist USSR. The idea of  missile silos popping open on a near by farm, with Inter-continental ballistic thermonuclear missiles, was always in the back our minds. Hollywood perpetuated the phobia with a lovely movie called "War Games", where a young boy competed with a super-computer called WOPR in a game of tic-tac-toe, to stop the launching of the nuclear missiles.

Today, we've tried to forget about the cold war, yet thousands of nuclear ICBMs linger, scattered throughout the US. I personally, was under the belief we've cut back, dismantled, and barely had a nuclear arsenal, but just the opposite is true. In the heart of the US, in just the states of Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, Montana, and North Dakota, there's over 500 long-range nuclear missiles on high alert that can be launched in under four minutes.

With this sort of threat, and our modern technology, I figured I better ch…