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Things I've accidentally said.

Then with all my strength I pushed myself and with it a hole in reality.
When they make you a monster, embrace the monster.

You can't start over, but you can always change the ending.

I'd tear Heaven apart to save you from Hell.

The truth is no one actually grows up, but some people enjoy pretending that they do.

We all have war stories, but how we allow these events to define us, and who we become to others in the wake of these tragedies is what separates our culpability of these trials.

We must surrender who we are to the unknown to become undefinable to our former self. We must sacrifice that which we hold most dear to find tomorrow through that which anchors us to the present. Our limitless future is found in the cannibalization of fear. For if not lost, we will become adrift to the absent ocean of a life not lived, where we descend into the waters of regret.

Though the spine of our book unravels, our story remains unfinished. Though we're trapped between chapters and …

Forget the Plumber! How to fix a broken toilet closet flange & rotted floor.

I'm T-minus two days from spring semester. It's supposed to a time of relaxation and zen, but the last 24 hours have been anything but. As I've mentioned before, I can't stand skilled tradesmen who don't do jobs right. Doctors, mechanics, and now the individual who laid the tile in the bathroom. Why do I always end up having to fix their incompetence? Is there no one left in this world good at their job? It's not like I wanted to learn what the heck a closet flange is, or that when you install ceramic tile you should also know the closet flange should be between 1/4" to 3/8" above the surface. I didn't want to learn any of this, I wanted to stay stupid. That's why we pay other people to do the work for us. (or in this case my dad payed for the floor.) However fate had different plans for me when Chance flushed the toilet and water shot out from under the toilet.

To make matters worse is that the closet flange had been repaired previously using …