Things I've accidentally said.

Then with all my strength I pushed myself and with it a hole in reality.

When they make you a monster, embrace the monster.

You can't start over, but you can always change the ending.

I'd tear Heaven apart to save you from Hell.

The truth is no one actually grows up, but some people enjoy pretending that they do.

We all have war stories, but how we allow these events to define us, and who we become to others in the wake of these tragedies is what separates our culpability of these trials.

We must surrender who we are to the unknown to become undefinable to our former self. We must sacrifice that which we hold most dear to find tomorrow through that which anchors us to the present. Our limitless future is found in the cannibalization of fear. For if not lost, we will become adrift to the absent ocean of a life not lived, where we descend into the waters of regret.

Though the spine of our book unravels, our story remains unfinished. Though we're trapped between chapters and all may seem lost, know this, the best is yet to come my love.

Can we find tomorrow, if we steal just one more hour?

Love is hunger for the heart.

Now is the time to change the person you used to be

Find yourself.

The brightest lights are oft at the end of the darkest alleys.

Sometimes you have to persist like a donkey with a carrot up its ass, and climb the mountains with indignity.

Up here, above the rainbows and rain clouds, I can see myself a little clearer.

In our darkest hours, when the light is faint, it is in this moment that we must remember to shine our brightest.

It's not about who we are, it's about what we can become.

It begins where it ends: somewhere between what was and what is yet to come.

The struggle is a gift.

I regret nothing but the goodbyes.

Art is a combination of expectation and mistakes.

Death can change your life.

I'm just the storm on the horizon, distant in your perception, a rain cloud on the edge of existence. However, the threat is real, the hurricane is coming, and one should never forget if I spare your world from my devastation, that it is only because for a moment that  I thought I could be a part of your life.

It has been my experience that Americans proclaim a right to freedom only until they're offended by the actions of others.

I became the person my mother warned me about.

What you love the most tortures the soul, singes the heart, and deranges the mind.

What do you do when crazy isn't enough any more?

There are untold numbers of things you can change in this world, I am not one of those.

I want love to feel like heroin.

Life is a fairy tale authored by its own characters.

True love is measured by the certainty that no one else in the world could love you more.

The people who end up being close to you in life are rarely the friends we would have chosen for ourselves.

To awake and discover ourselves altered by the people in it, no matter how random the relationship is. To sleep knowing you have changed the world by the people you've touched.

The world is like a symphony orchestra, and all its men and women merely instruments. It's not what kind of instrument you play in the Devil's concert, it's how hard you blow.

Love is a maddening circumstance.

The Tragedy of life is, no matter who you try to be, you'll be remembered for who people think you are.

The manifestation of one's own self is defined by no more or no less than what one is capable of imagining.

She's like a circus cannon shooting little clown babies from her vagina.

What? You didn't like getting married in a court room with a judge that had an afro and part-timed at the bar impersonating Elvis?

Love is required for survival in the human experience. Without it, you are less than human.

At least you can get fish and chips with your admonishment here.

If the majority of people are loveless, then is it us who are the monsters?

Dynged. It's when destiny conflicts with one's own heart that we are given our greatest rite of passage.

Who we love becomes a reflection of who we are.

We become who we are by what we learn and what we do with what we know.

Life is a song played by billions of heart beats.

Destiny is the result of a journey.

Good consequences result from good decisions enacted from a positive disposition.

We are the spark. We may choose to set the world on fire or wane a silent extinguishing. To set others on fire and change the world with our existence or to fade into darkness never discovering what could have been if we weren't afraid of being burned.

I'm not bloody crazy, I'm Welsh you idiot.

Before you blink, consider how quickly life can change. Will it be the same the next time you open your eyes?

Destiny makes fools of those who believe in him.

I am trapped in the abysmal bliss of other's fantasies and trying to escape.

Time is life's currency. What will you make of your riches?

There's nothing worse than failure, but there's nothing better than rising above your failures.

 Of dreams not yet realized and words yet unspoken, I run into the future, gasping for air, knowing not if I'll make it, but that I have no choice but to keep running.

Art serves to manifest our dreams into reality.

I drink happiness and crap sunshine.

Start building fences around people of difference, and eventually you put a fence around yourself.

I have lots of failures, and undoubtedly I will make lots of mistakes, but they're a part of who I am. While I may not be perfect, there's no place I'd rather be than right here, right now.

The scary part is that it isn't an enemy, but ourselves participating in our own demise.

The darkness of the night can only be enlightened by a light from within ourselves.

Destiny is the dominion of the heart. 

Wisdom is knowing when to be mature, but never forgetting how to be immature.

 Some people are content with a life of making do, but for me, I'll always lean into the wind and run towards the unexpected.

Strange will be the day when life is normal again. When tears are made of memories rather than milestones.

I could find no better characters to imagine than the friends who conspire with knives at my back, nor write better dialogue than what is said when they know not my presence.

 I've already told you that I don't do those things anymore. That person died when I ripped open reality, fell through the crack, and landed here.

Bad skeptics doubt. Good skeptics doubt their doubt.

The fear I have is that I'm mediocre at almost everything, but never great at even one single thing.


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