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Is the American Dream unobtainable in a Disney World?

Is the American Dream unobtainable in a Disney World?Confused? Let's call it Cinderella capitalism. What I'm trying to ask is the idea, the concept, of what most would define as the American life, is it unobtainable for the average person? Take for instance Disney World; which as I sit here, I'm planning a vacation to this year for my children. I cringe at the thought of it and have bribed them and offered everything from Yellowstone to Europe as replacement. Why? Well first off, it's about the same cost, (no seriously) and secondly, I can't stand the thought of my American children trapped by the addiction of irresistible capitalism while I'm guilted out of thousands of dollars on a vacation that's culturally shallow and non-educational. What do I get for the money? A fulfillment of my contract as an American parent who is obligated to take their children to Disney while they're young. If I don't, surely my children will be filled with regret and h…