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NASA warns the consequences of America's shifting culture change.

America isn't about who's best, it's about who wins. - David Bowie's "The Man Who Fell To Earth"

It was obvious while at Kennedy Space Center today that our move to "free market capitalist", that is to say, a private enterprise space program is making conservatives and the religious giggle with joy. NASA is dying, and in one film today at the space center they showed how conservatives have suggested, the issues of our planet, and the benefits of the space program are unimportant. Since this was NASA's home turf they defend it to pieces, explaining the scientific gains mankind has made from it. It's great, it's Americana, and its everything America should be, everything it was, but isn't any longer. No one would say it but it was readily apparent when people walked out on Astronaut Fred Gregory, and ran to get in line for Star Trek LIVE, how much disrespect for the real program there actually was and is. Sure Star Trek is cool, but her…