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Doctor Who Exhibition in Cardiff

The Dr Who Cardiff Exhibition
So on Monday, we boarded a Great Western purple train sat in the quiet carriage and rode off into the beautiful English countryside. Two hours later we were in Cardiff. As I mentioned in the Cardiff post the Doctor Who exhibition was but one of many things we did. It's actually in the the Red Dragon Centre, a sort of a mall slash, entertainment complex, with food, bowling, theatres, and of course The Doctor Who Exhibit. This, all which is directly opposite the famed Millennium Centre, which I believe is  the ultimate "Who" landmark in Cardiff.
It's relatively cheap... If memory serves me right at about £10 a person, and it's worth every pence. Bring your gold card, because there's a fully stocked Doctor Who and Torchwood gift shop at the completion of your visit. Believe me, they're going to be out of stock of Captain Jack merchandise for some time to come, thanks to me.

One of the coolest things about the Doctor Who Exhibit…

Germany in America | Zehnder's Frankenmuth MI, and Ober Gatlinburg

Germany is well and alive in America, from Michigan to Tennessee, if you can't make it to the real thing, a visit to the commercialized equivalent here in the red white and blue might be the ticket:

#1Zehnder's in Frankenmuth Michigan:
Michigan. It used to be next to Ohio. I spent the first eight years of my life in a suburb of Toledo. One of the common places you go as a family when you live in Northern Ohio, is Frankenmuth. I had all but forgotten the place until I by luck I happened to land upon The Zehnder's website. Suddenly, childhood memories came rushing back in. This actually would be a perfect example of why every town and city should have a theme.

Okay first a primer on the subject; Frankenmuth is a Bavarian town in Michigan. Think Fat Germans, beer, sauerkraut and lawn gnomes, and you get the picture. Zehnder's is a restaurant in Frankenmuth known for their world famous chicken dinner. Let me clarify. It's so world famous, that Zehnder's dining room …