Doctor Who Exhibition in Cardiff

The Doctor is a woman?
The Dr Who Cardiff Exhibition

So on Monday, we boarded a Great Western purple train sat in the quiet carriage and rode off into the beautiful English countryside. Two hours later we were in Cardiff. As I mentioned in the Cardiff post the Doctor Who exhibition was but one of many things we did. It's actually in the the Red Dragon Centre, a sort of a mall slash, entertainment complex, with food, bowling, theatres, and of course The Doctor Who Exhibit. This, all which is directly opposite the famed Millennium Centre, which I believe is  the ultimate "Who" landmark in Cardiff.
It's relatively cheap... If memory serves me right at about £10 a person, and it's worth every pence. Bring your gold card, because there's a fully stocked Doctor Who and Torchwood gift shop at the completion of your visit. Believe me, they're going to be out of stock of Captain Jack merchandise for some time to come, thanks to me.

One of the coolest things about the Doctor Who Exhibit is the soundtrack. As you walk through it has the full-original Doctor Who score, (Murray Gold) which makes you feel like you're a part of the tv show. It also helps that there's fifteen-feet tall murals of David Tennant looking very smashing, staring back at you.

Dorothy,  I mean Shannon, it's just the scarcrow!

Unfortunately just like in United States, the ugly guys are there to hit on you too. At least they put bags over their heads here.

Good thing we knew a secret passageway to escape to a different part of the exhibition!

Shannon of course later hooked up with a cyberman,
then decided it "just didn't feel right."

Six phallic head man did even less to impress.

I've so got to get an outfit like that! The sparkly one...
not the jumpsuit on the pig-man.

Finally Shannon discovers the perfect love for her...
Someone who will serve her every whim... an Ood!

I couldn't forget about K-9!!!
Which subsequently makes me think about Mickey.

So I mean, I get the whole "Wizard of Oz" connection in Doctor Who, I really do. What was odd was in order for us to go on our trip to Oz. The wicked witch literally had to come get Toto. I can't explain how it is things like this happen, they just do.

You don't know how bad I wanted to jump up on the
mirrored time machine display and pretend I'm Donna!

Don't turn around, Don't blink! The Doctor Who Exhibit wouldn't have been complete without this guy, the Weeping Angel. It's hands down probably my second favorite episode in the whole series. The first is, of course, Doomsday. In fact I feel like Rose every time I have to leave the U.K.

Of course the finale of the Doctor Who exhibition is the Daleks. (see above video) It really was cool! Afterwards we spent a good seventy dollars on a Torchwood Poster for myself, and some "secret" birthday presents for Chance's upcoming birthday.

After leaving the Doctor Who exhibition we dropped by
Torchwood Three for a unique photo opportunity.

Then to another Torchwood filming location, Castle Cardiff.

Torchwood III's Front Door. Someone order pizza?

You might also recognize this restaurant from Doctor Who.

Or several others shooting locations from this shopping center:
Mermaid's Quay.
We ate at Strata, an Italian restaurant at Mermaid's Quay and loved it! Shannon got a bit tipsy on the wine and thought she was flying in a Tardis...

That's not a time machine, Shan!
The minutes were counting, and soon we had to make it back to the train station to head back to London. It was tough saying goodbye.
The train of melacholy!

I of course, as usual began to cry. By the time we got back into London, my mascara was down my face and all I could hear in my head was this:

All in all, I'm glad we got to embrace our inner child. It was a truly incredibly fun experience.

Liv must leave the dream now, and return home. :(


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