La Farm Bakery and Parisian Cafe - C'est parfait!

La Boulangerie
I went to the most perfect place in NC today. A French café which serves up the essence of Europe without leaving home. See this is what I expected of Simple Kneads but didn't find. Google France +NC and you get La Farm, in Cary NC. We went there today after I mistook the text GTCC texted me indicating that school was delayed. Unfortunately they failed to properly communicate it was only the Greensboro campus, not Jamestown. So it became a "Ferris Bueller's" Day off for moi, and ma amie as I was now too late for class. We hopped in the car and headed east. 40 miles later we were in Cary, entering La Farm Bakery.

Outdoor seating just like Paris.

This place is perfect. Cafe seating outside, and in. (face your chair outward and observe the world!) Dark roasted coffees, and French style made food. The inside is decorated old-world-style with exposed bricks and arches. Wooden tables, nickel coated iron benches, and an exposed working bakery. Asiago and farma breads line the walls with baskets of baguettes... It's a Livvy dream come true. Attached is their boulangerie (bakery) and patisserie (pastry shop). You walk in go up to the counter and order. Apparently everything is out-of-this-world, and I wouldn't doubt it for a minute, we managed to arrive there for the breakfast and ordered a croque madam: a buttered, and grilled ham and cheese sandwich with a fried egg on top. Served with fresh fruit, a smile lit up on my face as our "garcon" (waiter) brought the freshly prepared dish to our table. It was absolute perfection! Gooey egg and cheese, crispy, tender bread... made to the perfection.... It was angelic.

CROQUE MADAME ham and gruyere on toasted 
La Farm bread with Mornay sauce and two fried eggs
After enjoying a slow breakfast, we couldn't wait to go shopping in the boulangerie. We grabbed a giant wooden basket and began filling it with breads, tarts, scones, stuffed rolls, and all the beautiful things Americans are never supposed to discover. (and can't find in Greensboro.) Interestingly, the place did seem like a melting pot of customers, though I'll admit I was saddened I wasn't greeted with a "bonjour", nor was I able to use my French. On the other hand, in "speak-English" America, this was the nicest staff I've ever met. We've only taken a few nibbles of our take-home bounty, but everything, has been life altering. In comparable to the foods I had in France, I'd say this place nailed it on the head.
Real Baguettes! OMG!

Perhaps the best part about this place is the prices. Super cheap. Most of the time, French restaurants are fancy business attire special occasion restaurants. This place gives you big portions, a casual French cafe atmosphere, and a uncanny, always perfect tasting menu of comfort foods. When I say, go... I mean go... before you're plucked from this world or suffer some horrible debilitating disease leaving you without taste-buds. It's that good. It's that perfect. If I can't move to France then I'm buying a house next to La Farm. Just one question, what do you see in this cup of coffee? Wait don't answer that...

Du Cafe aux Phallus?
La Farm Bakery & Cafe
Preston Corners
4248 NW Cary Parkway
Cary, NC 27513


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