Fanciest Mickey D's Ever? | European Café McDonald's

So I mentioned it before the trip, but had to share. On the last day of our trip we hunted down, Orlando's uniquely one-of-a-kind European Cafe McDonald's- one of three themed Bistro Gourmet McDonald's exclusive to the Disney World area.

This new McDonald’s features in-house chefs providing such pleasures as gourmet pizzas, Panini sandwiches, coffees and delectable desserts.

The two-story restaurant, complete with a two-lane drive-thru, has the appeal of a European café and is outfitted with walls of glass windows encompassing the spectacular view of both Sand Lakes.

This was as close as I was getting to Europe on this vacation. In fact, oddly, it may have been the highlight of my trip. If I squinted real hard I could pretend I was Europe. Actually no I couldn't, this was nothing like the McDonald's in Europe. This was a bastardization of Europe, a Americanized impression of romanticized European fast-food; however, I didn't quite care. This is what a McDonald's should be. Breakfast Enchiladas, Belgian Waffles (technically nothing like them), and tons of other uniquely freshly prepared foods. Chance loved the waffles, and me and Shannon got this sausage and egg croissant sandwich which included two layers of eggs, two patties of sausage, cheese, romaine lettuce and tomatoes. Huge. Definitely not very European... much more American, but then again- distinctly different.

The kids wanted to go upstairs of this castle facade McDonald's where there was trash cans that audible munched your trash, and balconies served for a place for you to sip your coffee. Gourmet Bistro, and the European Cafe McDonald's may not be anything like what real Europe is like, but it's also nothing like anything we have in America- especially in the fast-food landscape- which made it very refreshing.

One thing we did notice though, is that we were the only one's ordering from the Bistro Gourmet menu. Is that the reason we don't have "better" food on every street corner, do people detest freshly made food with a twist in place of recycled, over processed automatically assembled generic adaptations? Or do we just hate Europe that much. I'm not sure... but please McDonald's bring one to Greensboro.


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