From (a goat in a Argan Tree in) Morroco with Love...

As many of you know, my sister is somewhere deep within Morocco staring at goats. She sent us a lovely postcard of some goats in a Argan tree. Interesting thing about Argan trees is that they produce a fruit/nut which produces Argan oil. One of the rarest, and most expensive oils in the world. (Because the trees only grow in one place: Africa) Cool thing is, while it cost hundreds of dollars here in the States she can go up to one of the Berber women there and buy a coke bottle of the stuff to bring home to me. I will cherish it and keep it on a shelf to stare at.

The tree is a relic of the Earth's Tertiary Period, which ended about 1.6 million years ago, and it grows in only a few other places in the world. It is tenacious, withering and fruitless during extended droughts, and it lives as long as 200 years. So there was alarm that the Argania spinosa, as the tree is properly called, was headed for extinction, along with its precious goat-related oil. (cite:wikipedia)

So if you're ever in Morroco and you see a woman run up to a tree and start beating it silly with a huge long stick... she's either a) knocking out the Argan nuts, or b) knocking out the goats.


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