Sunday, 28 August 2011

Gavin and Stacey | For the love of God, bring it back.

We just got the recently released series "Gavin and Stacey" through Netflix. Highly recommend it to all. It's seriously one of the best TV dramas I've seen in awhile. It's much like a chick flick type of love and cry movie but broken into a series.... but it was amazingly fantastic.

Basically it chronicles a love story of a boy from the city falling in love with a girl from the country. The two families and their "normal" lives as they collide. I honestly haven't laughed as hard as this in years. Oddly enough the writers are in the show....

I think one reason this show hits home with so many people is you see yourself and your family in much of the characters. For instance Bryn West who is played by Rob Brydon reminds me so much of my father in law. He's so amused by the simple things in life... like the Internet, and digital cameras:

"It's got sepia... although i think it's faulty because it just makes everything look brown"

and protecting his niece:

Bryn - "If I show you how to use the rape alarm and you go to London, England and come back Sunday raped. It's not on my conscience and I'll sleep easy at night coz' I showed you how to use it."

Nessa reminds me of our friend Becky in some odd way:

Assistant: Nessa, you look fabulous

(Nessa waddles in wearing a black PVC dress)

Nessa: I know, I feels it...

Then there is the two moms. These scene reminded me remarkable of the the movie Fools Rush in which deals with the taboos of a rich wealthy Caucasian, marrying a Hispanic girl in Vegas and their subsequent cultural clashes.... As a couple we always identified with the movie because of the huge differences in culture in our family.... so this made us laugh too:

Pam - “Barry Island? You're having the wedding in Wales? Over my dead body. Where you having the reception, on the log flumes? Hot dogs and candy floss served up by some gyppo on a donkey???”

Gwen - "Perhaps Stacey doesn't want to get married in Essex. What is she going to do here, totter down the aisle in a mini skirt and white stilettos?"

Pam - “Shut it you leak munching sheep shagger!”

Seriously... Queue this series immediately...

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