Give your child a better life... Leave them in Europe.

So this article got me thinking. While I doubt they were trying to better their children's lives by dumping them in Italy...

The mother, Caterina Remhof, 26, and her partner, Sascha Schmidt, 24,
abandoned the children after ordering a pizza at a restaurant in the northern town of Aosta on Sunday, according to police.

I'm wondering, how often it happens internationally? I mean we all grew up with movies and cartoons that depicted the downtroddened mother leaving a basket on somebody's door with a message that says "take good care of her" attached. Mexican immigrants often send their children ahead of themselves to better their lives. I'm just thinking with the state of the economy, the super poor health care in the U.S. and so many people being out of work, that if you were a mother what better thing could you do then abandon your child in a wealthy nation with low crime, great health care, and prosperous expectations. Sweden comes to mind.

I'm not suggesting people do it, (and of course it wouldn't work well if the kid can speak) but it does seem like a sacrifice that might be worth making if your walking the streets, lost your home, and can't get a job.... Use those forgotten frequent flyer miles one last time, and find a nice hospital waiting room corner to set the child in?

Perhaps there's an argument that doing so is even better than putting them in the American adoption system? There are arguments to be made that they would find a loving home, quicker because of Sweden's more inclusive base of adoptive parents.


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