I want to be an illegal immigrant. | Fake British Passports

See, I need to find me some local news producer wanting to do one of those undercover news stories to fund my pet project. I want to become an illegal alien, and I believe for a few thousand dollars I probably could pull it off. Basically you need a fake passport, and you're practically good to go. The cost? About $1500.00 and you too can fly to Europe, find employment and get free health-care. Sounds good, right? Skeptics are saying it can't be that easy! But it is. See here or here. You can easily order them online as 'camouflage passports'.

What's more is after talking to many of my friendly Nigerian scammer aquaintances, the way to go is "Student Visa". It's the real deal, and you can even work part-time. All you need is a bank account that "shows" you have the funds set aside for college, and an acceptance letter. Okay then, but where are all the Nigerians (regardless of their intention to actually go to school or not) coming up with the money for tuition? I didn't know know Nigeria was such a rich country? With tuition in the neighborhood of £9000-10,000 to go to a University like Swansea or Cardiff, how in the world are they affording it? They must be faking it somehow. I of course am not going to risk my real identity and fake papers. I'd be devastated to be banned from Britain, and sure as crap can't afford $16,000 right now.

What amazes me about all this is that it can still be done in a post 9/11 world. While even if I got my hands on steady work through a fake visa, it's utterly mind boggling that it would pass immigration, but according to the above articles... they have, and do.

So until News 2 calls me up for an in depth story, I'm thinking of heavily going to my local community college this summer. $50 a credit hour, and they take anyone, including me.


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