Lost in Austen : Watch it.

A Time Travel Romance Movie For Europhiles!
I've read it so many times now the words just say themselves in my head and it's like a window opening, it's like I'm actually there. It's become a place I know so intimately I can see that world, I can touch it.

Probably one of the most favorite things I've had a chance of watching in quite some time was ITV's mini-series called Lost In Austen. Loved it. Loved it. Loved it. If you love Darcy, love Jane Austen, and if you love quirky time travel plots, then this is must. Better yet, they're making it into a movie for the U.S. market. Sadly it probably will lose some of it's greatness because it's Americanized, but go Netflix this version which is about 3 hours long. You won't regret it.

Mr. Bingley: We shall have 25 children and name them all 'Amanda'. Even the boys.

It stars one of my favorite British actors, Jemima Rooper, who is just wonderful playing a modern British woman who accidentally stumbles upon a door to the world of pride and prejudice in her bathroom. In a Alice in Wonderland style, she switches places with Elizabeth Bennet who takes her place in Hammersmith in 2008.

Amanda Price: [to herself, incredulous] Elizabeth Bennet is lending me her mobile.

It's really too great, of an idea... and if you've ever read some of my writings then you'd know this is so me. Jemima's interpretation of Elizabeth is so-o me. Which is actually quite ironic if you knew what was going on in my life right now. (shhhh....) So go watch this. It's a perfect Friday night date video, worthy of a proper pizza and a package of twizzlers.

Amanda Price: What's the deal here? Are we live on cable or something? Is this like the Jim Carrey thing, but period? Where are the cameras? Come on! What are you after, guys? A bit of girl-on-girl action under the covers? What do I have to do to get out of here? Snog her? Show you my pubes?
Lydia Bennet: What have you done to yourself?
Amanda Price: That's called a landing strip, Lydia. Standard pubic topiary.

So go on, go rent it....


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