"I Realize The Entire Horror Of My Nature" - Mankind

One of my more favorite hobbies as of late is watching French music videos. One in particular stuck out for me sung by an artist called Zazie. It got me thinking about how the song is an almost perfect description (within a few sentences) of our history as a species. While I do concede it does tend to show us in a not so glowing light, one can not argue the truth of the facts. The song begins at mankinds begining as cavemen and ends with man becoming "Gods" (Kings) [in their self belief] and through their idiocy and consumerism they become their own punishment as they destroy the earth and themselves. Armagedden musical art... or simply a metaphor for a breakup of a bad boyfriend? You decide. (or maybe you see it completely different?) Either way it's a really cool song:

I'm alone and then millions
At war whatever the season
I make love and the revolutions.

The king of illusions
I build the world my way
out of gold and concrete

I'm in denial, my reality
learned through television.
Product of consumerism

I am doomed.

It's me, the master of fire,
The King, the master of the world
And see what I did,
My frozen Earth, my scorched lands.
The Earth that men abandoned.

I realize the entire horror of my nature

One of the key verses in the song, I didn't completely comprehend when I originally wrote this was the "walk around" bit.... Because in the song they use "tourne en rond", and I wondered why not just use "walk" aka "marche"? Anyways my professor cleared it up.... Tourne en rond is a phrase meaning "trying to go somewhere but not going anywhere" literally "running around in circles"....

Really some deep stuff for a eco pop-singer... of course we here in America have Britney Spears...

It's rather tragic.


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