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Yum Yums | World Famous Red Hot Dogs of UNCG

"Why in the world are they red?"- I'm always asked. "It's a southern thing", I usually reply. Interestingly a professor at a Chicago university, recently did a taste test in New York of all places and found in a taste test, people preferred the southern red hot-dog to Oscar Meyer wieners. Let me repeat this strikingly crazy discovery, the red hot-dogs in North Carolina taste better, in most people's opinions than the infamous hot-dogs of New York and elsewhere. In fact, all hot-dogs used to be red, until a small fear of cancer drove it out of popularity except in the south, where we love our cancer hot-dogs bright red and covered in radioactive dye. Truth is, the south long switched to a alternate formula, so feel free to head on down to the ground-zero of hot-dogs: Yum Yums, and their world famous southern red hot-dogs.

Before Rachel Ray thought it was cool to say "Yummy", in 1906 the Aydelette family turned their ice-cream cart business into…

Cheerwine | Buy more than just Soda

What is Cheerwine? It's not wine. It's Cheerwine: a red sparkling beverage that has been a North Carolina favorite since 1917. Colloquially known as "The nectar of Tarheels", or "liquid candy"; our fascination with sugared water spawned two soda companies within it's borders. One being Pepsi in 1898, known as "Brad's Drink", then later changing its name, and of course Cheerwine. I suppose now that I think about it, North Carolina may be single-handedly been responsible for obesity in this country. Even Coke was created by North Carolinian (by birth) James Pemberton. Perhaps we should consider changing the state mantra from "First in Flight" to "First in Fizz?"

Cheerwine however, compared to its competitors has remained uniquely "North Carolina". Though the company has recently began expanding, its fan base seems to remain southerners, or displaced counterparts thereof looking for the regional favorite. In fac…

Cook-Out Restaurant ® Menu Of Burger Deliciousness

For lunch, Shannon and I drove over to Cook-Out, on High Point road after class today. I of course wanted Five Guys, but being money is a bit tight we decided to go the lesser expensive route and go to Cook-Out. I suppose such a statement is a fitting declaration of what Cook-Out is all about: cheap food. What's more, is that growing up in North Carolina I loved Cook-Out, still do, and oddly enough it was this very blog that enticed Mr Reaves to abandon his word of mouth campaign and join the digital age with Cook-Out's new website.  The problem is, while I'm re-visiting this topic, I must be honest- the concept of the restaurant, and some of the food is outdated. Cook-Out still has a menu of deliciousness, but it hasn't changed in more than twenty years. Even McDonald's has adapted their menu as tastes have changed, but Cook-Out? They're still serving the same food I ate in High School. Worse yet is I'm not sure they're really cooking it "Outdoor…

Immigrating to Europe | When The Delusion Spreads.

So I'm delusional. I get that. Completely insane, mental- I'm a self-confessed nutter. Remember Sandra Bullock's character in Demolition Man and her fascination with 80's paraphernalia? I'm the same way but with Europe. I just finished my LED lit Euro shower complete with hand sprayer. My bathroom is painted in the colors of Tuscany, and my Kitchen is Italian yellow with black cupboards. All this is really nothing more than a drug to give me a "fix" to keep my true desires from rising to the surface and making irrational decisions. Forget the roaming Daleks in our house my son owns, John Barroman's framed signature on the wall or the streaming French radios station playing from my purpose built server on the flat screen that multi-tasks to allow us watch British TV. Forget it all. Because it just got worse. I've just pulled others into my delusion. Like Freddy Krueger in a Nightmare on Elm Street I'm screeching my nails across other people'…

Trapped in My own BBC Television Show.

The last thing I remember before it all went dark was that tiny little uncomfortable airplane pillow they give you, a paper towel covered whoopee cushion which you'll spend endless hours unsuccessfully attempting to rearrange like a Rubrics-Cube, into some salvation from the medieval torture device you're buckled into. I stood up from that horrid British Airway's airline seat to seek the lavatory in the aft of the aircraft, just as the pilot announced some incomprehensible message that everyone ignored. At this point, I was less concerned with my own internal relief, as I was the possibility of escaping the row in front of me containing several drooling, and snoring old women, all of which had their seat-backs in full recline. As I stood in line for the toilet, there, near the rear emergency door of the aircraft, I peered out the window. My future below, somewhere down there in the flickering lights between the hazy clouds of dawn. The lavatory door then folded open just …

The Holiday's Rosehill Cottage | Shere, Surrey

We spent last night re-watching the movie "The Holiday" before it has to go back to the store on Tuesday. Best movie, ever! I may even watch it again today. I Love this movie! It was actually a unexpected surprise since I did want to see it in the movies, but never got around to it. Shannon actually ended up bringing it home a few days ago, and we fell in love with the story.

 If you haven't seen the movie, which due to its cross cultural play on the fantasies of us women on both sides of the Atlantic, became hugely popular; the plot is basically about two women (Iris played by Kate Winslett and Amanda played by Cameron Diaz) and their love stories as well as the people they love. The plot revolves around how their fates intertwine when the two of them swap houses as part of a holiday home exchange program. Oddly such a concept does exist, and it seems quite interesting till you realize, somebody will be rummaging through pictures of you in your closet. (I've been t…