Becoming Charlotte

You can truly only cheat on yourself.

Becoming Charlotte. 
(Based on Shakespeare Sonnet 138, from A Passionate Pilgrim.)

My dawn gives way to our day’s mirrored kiss.
A tear, I pause, (she realizes) our  truth.
Faith  to lies lost, yet her I will not miss.
The monster inside, my mind’s dark sweet-tooth.
Once free to roam , on campus I shall find
I seek the classroom, not a church of lies.
Homework now due, love and hope intertwined.
Charlotte’s self-doubt, in her is a surprise.
Through her eyes, wide open, I learn of the world.
Through her world, created, I love to Rome.
Our brain, and heart a brave tornado swirled,
scream out knowing, I can never go home.

By night, one with her, I die willingly.
As better Charlotte replaces me.


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