The Dreamt | In Two Poems.

The Dreamt

The dreamt wait to escape.
A life is but a dream, it can come true.
Dreaming yourself into who you want to.
Inside your mind she attempts to break free.
Manifest her by action, become me.

One thing on her mind,
some day she will find,
what she's hoping for:
a cracked open door.

Ran from the crack,
Not turning back,
Life on the edge
Love on the ledge.
A kiss in the rain.
Aye, She's gone insane.

Paranoia, and mistakes I head west.
Crying guilt, I thought it was for the best.
In lucidity, none knew where I'd gone.
I am out there now, searching for what's longed.

We said no goodbye.
She asked me not why?
She hid her true thoughts.
Now my dreams are sought.

Some things to see.
All I can be.
At last living
by her giving
She's now locked to scream
life is now the dream.


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