The Garden against Mowers

Eden's strength lies in man's ignorance.

The Garden against Mowers

IGNORANT mower, who worries too much,
thinks his creation is just such,
the greatest garden to ever be planned,
but it is the mower that’s manned.
Every book wishes to be the first book made,
every word hoping to be prayed;
Songs, and paintings in their self-confidence,
Forget their evolved existence.
All are trying to get back to Eden,
Yet they cannot be more sweeten,
Than mother nature’s whispering winds moan;
“Hiraeth” she says calling us home.
Home, where the light doth in space and time crack
BANG, a splat upon canvas black,
Earth a flower in the garden of space.
season will come to till our place.
If my fair visage bringeth happiness
Than you have found life’s purposes;
Our sun who giveth life, oh creator who
Rays of light praising what we do.
For when we can no longer see our sun.
And gardens become forgotten;
When paths of black, and castles take our place;
Worry then if all’s left is a vase.
Worry not friend, weeds of greed will never be,
cause that would be stupidity;
I’d wilt fore flowering that distinction.
For we’d deserve our extinction.


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