Revenge of the Turkey

Revenge of the Turkey
Turkey, stuffing, gravy and potatoes,
I still hate Aunt Hope's green bean casserole.
Gobble, gobble, gobble dinner once said;
Where did mom go? Oh she's drunk in the bed.
Turkey now ready, Uncle Fritz is late.
My cousin flirts with my gay brother's date.
We all bow our head as father says grace.
The children fail to maintain a straight face.
My pregnant sister takes a bite of dinner,
Then, Reverend Rob yells Gwen is a sinner.
Sis jumps up to finger, and flings her pie,
The dog jumps for, landing on the gay guy.
Grandma steps on the cat, chased by the dog.
The rug catches fire from a fireplace log.
The babies are screaming in their high chairs;
The kids are pulling out, each others hairs.
Right about then our karma breaks out singing,
Revenge of the turkey is Thanksgiving.


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