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Brasstown Possum Drop | A Hillbilly New Years

At the same moment New York City’s spectacular illuminated Waterford crystal ball begins its descent in Times Square, residents of Brasstown, N.C.—population 240—will ring in the New Year at the town’s annual possum drop.

Forget NY, in NC we drop our own anti-PETA possum in celebration of the new year. Claiming I'm from the upper-side of the NC tracks does little to deter the obvious image problems such an event presents to the state of NC and our poor wildlife.

Welcome to Beautiful Downtown Brasstown, North Carolina- "Opossum Capital of the World!"...Population 240, Been the same for 100 years or more. Some lady gets pregnant - some guy leaves town. Used to be the "Moonshine Capital of the South", but not anymore, it has gone to pot.

The most exciting thing that we do in Brasstown, besides going to the John C. Campbell Folk School and dance with the pretty Danish girl, is "Lowering the Opossum on New Year's Eve." If New York can drop a "Ball&…


Upon each morning I wake with a smile.
To look upon your brown eyes as I rise,
Perhaps, mistaken am I, for a while,
Is this still the dream or love realized? For every moment since I first saw thee,
My love fell greater, as grows your beauty;
Of all I have done this most cherished be,
My heart forever, I give your duty. What dreams may come? When I’m gone from this world,
Remember me not by what I have done,
But how I found, our destiny fulfilled,
Chasing fate, and you, my fair love, Shannon.  Morrow should I not wake for thee no more,
Know I’m dreaming of you, whom I fell for.

Eve, the Hero.


“Until Eve arrived, this was man’s world…” (Richard Armour) “…but every song must eventually come to an end.”  (Eve)
She would have you believe that she was ribbed into existence, but all is just the navel plot, for his life of sacrifice would not exist without her being. Her name, a mere alias, thought given by some greater cause, just like him, is but a guise, a corset-armor of underestimation, rivaling any of his strength.  Oft, the one who claims to have created Eden is asked, if only in the scolded minds of those who praise him, “Does the creator have a creator?” To describe him as powerful, strong and beautiful is to describe her. Yet, to escape the gravity of time, and the minds of those who would prefer a patriarchal head, womanhood’s strategic and stealth presentation of naiveté, her tears,  her seduction, or in the minds of some men, ignorance, is her weapon. It’s her children, born or reared, that is her omnipotence. In her quest to save mankind from itself, she chooses …

Tijuana Donkey Show

What is the Tijuana Donkey Show you ask? You're thinking, I've been to Tijuana, I love their Papas & Beer. It has got to involve cute little donkeys, happy little Mexicans and they put on a show right? Sort of like the Mexican Broadway musical version of Shrek?


So what is it? The authentico version of the TJ Donkey Show usually is held in a dirt floor bar or discoteca (a dance floor) where patrons are taxi-cabbed in and the cabbies get a cut. The gringos (stupid white people) are then are enticed to purchase large amounts of cerveza (beer) or gamble while waiting for the main event, a beautiful, scantly clad Latina woman (not to mention handsomely paid) arousing a restrained donkey lying on its back. (Vegas has a similar scam with Celine Dion.) It's not exactly Sesame Street on Ice but more along the lines of Debbie Does Dallas. Just replace the Dallas with a donkey and you get the picture.

To be more precise, outside of conservative America where people don'…