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Chinese Sky Lanterns

So last night, we set off some Chinese sky lanterns. They're a tradition bamboo and rice paper balloon with a wax fuel source that was originally used as a signaling balloon in Chinese warfare. Today it's a tradition to set them off and make your new years wish.

 I hadn't even heard of the traditional until John Barrowman launched a few, several years back on his blog:

I thought, "how cool", and planned to do it the following year. In fact I spent an entire day driving all over town to buy some, but alas, no one sold them. Apparently they can be considered fire-works, and therefore may be a gray area of the law concerning sale and use in some states. (just set them off in an open area) This year I got smart, and ordered the lanterns early. Do be careful as many ship from China, and can take up to 30 days to receive, but I found these on

Chinese Sky Lanterns: $7.99

They arrived in about a week, and we set them off last night. They were awesome and worth ever…