Chinese Sky Lanterns

Unfortunately our video and pictures didn't turn out
So I'm resorting to stock images.
So last night, we set off some Chinese sky lanterns. They're a tradition bamboo and rice paper balloon with a wax fuel source that was originally used as a signaling balloon in Chinese warfare. Today it's a tradition to set them off and make your new years wish.

 I hadn't even heard of the traditional until John Barrowman launched a few, several years back on his blog:

I thought, "how cool", and planned to do it the following year. In fact I spent an entire day driving all over town to buy some, but alas, no one sold them. Apparently they can be considered fire-works, and therefore may be a gray area of the law concerning sale and use in some states. (just set them off in an open area) This year I got smart, and ordered the lanterns early. Do be careful as many ship from China, and can take up to 30 days to receive, but I found these on

Chinese Sky Lanterns: $7.99

They arrived in about a week, and we set them off last night. They were awesome and worth every dollar. They flew probably, three or four miles up in the air.

Now of course you're supposed to make a wish, and everyone knew what mine was: I hope to do my study-abroad this year.

I cannot recommend these enough, they're a really cool tradition. The kids love it and we did too. If you think you missed New Years this year, you could always celebrate the Chinese New Year which occurs on January 23rd.


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