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Winkler's Bakery at Old Salem - Day Trip

We decided on Thursday to crown the last of our spring break by visiting Old Salem. I hadn't been there in ages and Shan, well, just hadn't ever been. What is Old Salem? Honestly? It's merely a single street in an old neighborhood in Winston Salem, but to leave it at that is to overlook some historical significances. It is more than that.
Though you do get the feeling of a run-down, tired, roadside attraction when you visit. First off it's expensive. Even with our AAA discount, it's around $40 a couple and you will spend more (food, souvenirs, etc.). You both enter and exit through a modern gift shop, but at least the parking is free.
You cross a giant wooden bridge across four lanes of traffic and suddenly your in a traditional Moravian neighborhood. Some houses are privately owned and some are a part of the Old Salem attraction. It's rather odd. You're asked to wear a giant green price tag around your belt-loop as proof of admission when entering the var…