The 86 | It's Coming For You.

When I was but a little girl 
I learned of 86.
To die when I was thirty eight
it was forever fixed.

So long from then it seemed.
But alas time did creep in.
On a bay carousel I dreamed
Arm around pole I cling.

Once grown, and a child's mind lost.
Like a small music box.
Open again, but at what cost?
My Mortality's clock?

Mist upon face, my wind blown hair.
I spin out of control.
Winding to a stop, so unaware.
What's lurking for my soul.

Hands over mouths, Fingers to the sky.
The stars are spiralling.
She stares at me, I ask her why?
"For you it is coming."

Eighty six is coming for you.
There's nothing you can do.

I lived and loved with all my might
The shadow in my sight.
Innards rot in 86 nights
the darkness and I fight.

I know not what may come of this.
This year be my last one.
Remember my love our last kiss,
When I'm lost, and it's done.

Set me on fire, and pay Charon.
Set me ablaze away,
Down the river of Ephemeron,
I fade into the fray.


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