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A Golden Opportunity to End Hate.

A Golden Opportunity2008 European Union Decision on Hate Speech and Xenophobia and The Amending of the Criminal Justice Act of the United Kingdom
Beware of The Jabberwocky “Silence”, the queen yelled. “Off with her head!” she sentenced Alice. The freedom to say unpopular and shocking things has been a part of Western canon and culture, and the concept of government censorship so vilified and warned,  one must ask the question of how Germany’s “nie wieder” approach to hate-speech become an European Union demand of its twenty-seven member countries?  Can Atlanticist states such as the United Kingdom manage to sell this continental-style secession of freedom to its citizens? What is the cost of freedom of speech? If hate had doomed Europe to a Clash of Civilizations, was this their golden opportunity to change society for the better, and stop war?
Continental Right            From knights’ honor, and courtly behavior, to Napoleonic Code, Europe itself is constantly refining the value of a per…

Wales | People Like Us

I'm in love with Wales. You know you're in love when you can't stop thinking about a place. When it infects your mind, in all your daily routine. When you watch the television and they show an aerial of the city and see the Atlantic Wharf and scream out "Shan that's where  you pee'd!" Okay it doesn't sound to romantic when you put it that way, but you're just going to have believe me here.

So I thought I'd share some of my thoughts and learnings on the whole Wales thing.

Mari Lwyd. Oh wow does this sound cool. Forget Festivus. It's basically Christmas except you wear horse masks with marble eyes and you go door to door insulting people with poetry wrapped in a sheet. We are so adopting this tradition next year.

Welsh Rarebit. Basically the welsh invented cheesy bread. Who knew? Yepper, a nice pint, and some cheese bread what can be better? Take about 4 oz of cheese, 3 tablespoons of milk 2 teaspoons of mustard and mix, toss on a slice of brea…