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Getting a Belgian Student Visa through the Mail

So a plethora of things are going on this summer. I'm slowly preparing to study abroad through UNCG's international program, and ISEP, in Brussels Belgium next fall. It's been filled with its pitfalls, and the overgrowing cost seems overwhelming at times. To make matters worse, the visa process in intense. As I went through the process, I found myself searching the web for clarification on the Belgian student visa process from individuals who've done it before, and found none. I made the promise that when I received mine, I'd post a how-to, for others. I'd hope at some time in the future, Belgium decides to go to some sort of online visa process like Australia does, or even better, offer a tourist-student visa (6 months without the formal visa process) for those of us who only attend one semester. At the very least, a better transliteration would be nice. I'm a third year college student, and I found the task daunting. So here's the process:

The very fir…