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Honeymoon in Belgium

The honeymoon period of any relationship is one in which the surface of emotions are barely scratched, and any blemishes are often shined out in passion and romanticism. As the honeymoon period wanes, the efforts to match the various aspects of love with the appropriate justification oft result in a grating discontent that blurs fantasy back into reality.

Or so I've been told. 
Love which isn't always the easiest concepts to understand, is often what we as humans take great effort in pretending like we do. One day we're in love, the next we're not. Sometimes we're in love with two people, sometimes we just question our own self direction. Love however, isn't always about people. Sometimes it's about places. Those who know me, would likely say I've been in love with Belgium for sometime. A love I courted, and which I longed for, and as fate would have it eventually caught me in her arms and carried me away. 
So here I am, yet there are moments when I stare …

Older Study Abroad Students

This life you take for granted, others wait a lifetime for, often dying battling for the dream they never achieve. I tend to not think of myself as very old, until I find myself in a group of 17-20 year old "adult" students from the U.S. wandering around Belgium. You see, it's been bugging me for a few days: what dynamic is different in being here in Brussels with Vesalius College than my school back at home. I've been trying to figure it out, because there's been a "wall" with my co-students I don't quite have back at home. The ages are the same in comparison to UNCG, and though I likely realize a good Dicken's read is better than dub-step, I'm equally capable of rocking out to Scooter as much of the rest of them. I am, what I'd call and experienced-immature person. Not that these individuals are immature, but clearly I've been sniffing some glue if I'm having the adventure they're having and it took ten extra years of beati…

The New World | Brussels

I often think about what brought my family to America originally. My German and Welsh heritage, somewhere in the past, decided opportunity awaited them across the sea. Some genealogy on my German side is known, however, my Welsh side mysteriously dead-ends somewhere a few generations back. There's quite of bit of irony in the realization that I am, more or less, negating their intentions of casting themselves out from their homelands to become something new.If they were alive today, I'm certain they'd either laugh hysterical, or attempt a painful and violent session of torture to bring me around.

However, it's too late, here I am, in my new world: Belgium. Though we tend to think of the world smaller today, and true, my journey to arrive here only lasted eight hours on a vessel traveling just under Mach 1, any attempts from my imagined, heckling ancestors in my head are quickly subdued with the happiness that I'm right here, right now. I had hoped for a degenesis a…

Departure | Today is the day I die.

Today is the day I die.
Family gathered in my wake
Arms extended,  I can fly
Departure's paid with heart's ache.

Your stain still upon my lips.
This last call divides our hearts.
Purgatory between  trips
Lovers meet as ending's start.

One last kiss before I board.
Cross check my arms for goodbye. Lives flashed, regret and love soared.
Casket sealed ascends your cries.

A hand flush against window
She screams into infinity.
Tragedy in letting go.
Your test: opportunity.

Arrivals return strangers.
Reincarnated they fly
Not changing is my danger.
Today is the day I die.