Honeymoon in Belgium

The honeymoon period of any relationship is one in which the surface of emotions are barely scratched, and any blemishes are often shined out in passion and romanticism. As the honeymoon period wanes, the efforts to match the various aspects of love with the appropriate justification oft result in a grating discontent that blurs fantasy back into reality.

Or so I've been told. 

Love which isn't always the easiest concepts to understand, is often what we as humans take great effort in pretending like we do. One day we're in love, the next we're not. Sometimes we're in love with two people, sometimes we just question our own self direction. Love however, isn't always about people. Sometimes it's about places. Those who know me, would likely say I've been in love with Belgium for sometime. A love I courted, and which I longed for, and as fate would have it eventually caught me in her arms and carried me away. 

So here I am, yet there are moments when I stare at her, and then suddenly self-doubt engulfs my thoughts. Then there's moments of pure joy, as I triumph in how great a relationship this is. Up and down as slowly this honeymoon of novelty becomes something unexpected: routine. 

I didn't expect routine. I should remember my own rule, never to make expectations- but routine? Really? I had routine at home. This experience was supposed to be a radical departure from my life, and now that "radical" is my life, where does that leave me? I know the psychology of it, I recognize the phenomenon of digesting a new life in a foreign country. 

That's just it, I'm not quite sure where I am sometimes. There's moments I forget I'm in Belgium, and other times I'm awe struck by my inhabitance. I'd like to believe that just by being here, I will leave a part of me behind, and in return I will take a piece of Belgium with me. I think, most of all, I'd like to leave this place knowing that the time we had together was of value, and that despite the fact that not every day can be passionate, that I can find inspiration in the routine and that I continue to love Belgium despite her not always loving me.


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