Best Frites (Fries) in Brussels

Best fries in Brussels?

Yesterday, I attempted to obtain the best waffle in Belgium, today I went in search of the best frites, or as we call it in America, Freedom Fries. After staring at myself in the windows of Vesalius's Pleinlaan 5 windows, and realizing exactly how fat I've gotten (living in the U.S.), I decided to pretty much stop eating right then and there. No wonder people look at me strange here, it's not because I'm American, it's because I'm the fattest person in Belgium! Interestingly, a funny thing happened on the way to the forum and I ran into Liz, another study-abroad student attending Veco, outside of the Petillion Metro station. She was in need of a transit card, and I knew where the place was. We ended up hanging out on the way, and then catching a bite to eat afterwards. Social interaction always trumps dietary promises, and I was grateful for the companionship. Where to go though?

Well if you ask around where the best fries are, the one friture that continuously comes up among the gaggle of responses is the third generation  Maison Antoine at Jordan Place. It's not in a overly touristy area (which is a good thing), but is rather easy to find. Get off at Shuman Metro and walk around the traffic circle till you see Rue Froissart and head down it till you run smack-dab-into-it (about a five minute walk).

There we ran into a backpacker who confirmed the reputation of the place, as it was the one place which he had been recommended to go on his walking tour.

The specialty of Maison Antoine is their tartar sauce, and I can confirm it's perfect. They promptly wrap your fries in a spectacular display of showmanship, salt them, then place the tartar sauce on top. Hand over your money, and pop a dwarf fork in your cone of potato perfection. The fries are twice fried at two different temperatures in beef fat, similar to the way McDonald's does it in the U.S. (Though McDonald's now synthesizes the flavors artificially after being sued by a vegetarian.) Not only were the frites good, but the service too. So is it the best in Brussels? I'd say it has to be darn close.

In addition to being off in a shady square (as in covered by trees) where you can enjoy your frites, there are several bars adjacent which allow you to bring your frites over, sit down and order a beer (look for the picture of the frites on the wall). How cool is that? So to recap, we've got a secret location, great ambiance, the possibility of having beer, and great fries. Winning!

I'm quite convinced this could be my secret hang-out now. In addition to the fries, they have tacos (not sure how that's going to go down), Mitraillettes (sandwiches with fries in them [for the UK crowd: chip buddies],[ex]),  and even the good ole American hot-dog. Personally I'm dead-set on trying a Cheese-Crack, whatever that may be. Now if I can just find a friture willing to put cheese on my fries.... hmmmm....


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