Burger Republic | Best Take-Away in Brussels?

The most expensive burger I've ever purchased.

It would seem my gastronomy radar is improving the more I stay here. Every time you think you find the best  food in town, it's overshadowed by the next meal. However this one does not come cheap. It's a $16 (12 Euro) burger that's out of this world. It could just be amazing since it's one of the few places in town that actually caters real American style hamburgers (though not really).

So what's the deal? Try hand baked bread made daily, homemade truffle sauce, sauteed mushrooms, bacon, gobs of cheese and Irish Angus ground beef cooked to perfection. I'm not saying it's the best burger I've ever had, but it definitely is one of the top-three. It's uniqueness factor alone is unrivaled, with the truffle sauce being the culinary indulgence that makes this sandwich worth 12 Euros. No not really. $16 dollars for a burger? I must be out of my mind! (That's just the burger... fries and drinks are extra.)

I nominate this for the category of AWESOME!
Burger Republic is at Place Flagey. It's the up and coming (may have already arrived) face of cheap eats (figuratively), and good food. Situated right next to Mama Roma it boasts a monochrome dining room somewhere between fast-food and kitsch Americana. Sit and eat, or approach the back bench for the take-away of your dreams. I arrived right at their opening at 7 PM (yes 7 PM, it's a Belgian thing I think) and had a 15 minute wait. Service was nice, and typical. I left with a boutique bag (that's where the money is going) filled with one Mushroom Bacon Burger and an order of onion rings. Believe you me, it was a long-freaking ride home to Anderlecht on Tram 81.

I sat down, pulled out my sandwich and indulged. Love at first bite. It's rich, creamy, flavorful and indulgent. It's by far the best take-aways that I've had since arriving in Brussels. Each bite was like $2.00 worth of food, but like a fine wine, or candy... I loved every minute of it. All I can say is if you have a hankering for an American style cheeseburger in Brussels, but with a European twist (and price tag), then run don't walk to Burger Republic.
Big, juicy, delicious onion rings? Actually they're sort of bland.

In my opinion I'd skip the onion rings. They were good but lacked the flavors of the sandwich. If they were breaded in a chicken breader, then they might have something, or if you're happy to season them on your own, you'd likely find they're delicious. As is they're a bit uneventful.


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