Do Good: Serve The City

"True charity involves participating in the
 pain and privation of others."
Someone once said “Virtue is incomplete without practical action.” I tend to agree. To me the deed is far more important than the "vow". In America there's a deficiency of secular organizations/movements allowing those from all varieties of life to come together in a single unified team to change the world for the better.  A place where we set aside our differences to make a dent in the universe. It's not that I don't want to be a part of an organization like that in the U.S., but in my particular corner of the world, saying you're an atheist generally closes the door in your face. Tell them you're an atheist who wants to mission not for proselytizing but to merely to do good and feel needed, and likely their head will explode.

Despite only my limited experience with Serve The City, it appears that this aspect is the truly unique part of the organization:  that it welcomes anyone, from any belief (or non-belief) to give something back to this world. It's something I've been looking for- for a long time, a place where I can be a part of something greater, something more important than living life intentionally ignoring the world's problems that could be fixed, if only we gave something of ourselves.

Today I was a part of a team who visited the Little Sisters of the Poor here in Brussels where we peeled apples for the resident's dinner while other members raked leaves and gardened the outdoor common areas. We all bonded as a team, met new friends, and for the first time since arriving in Brussels, I felt truly a part of the community. It was very rewarding, and I hope I can give more in my time here.

I don't pretend to be a Saint, and by far there's a lot to give and do everywhere in the world, but after years of searching for a place to become a part of and finding it here, it is bittersweet. I've arrived at a point both in my life and my adventure abroad, where preparing for life, as in school and future careers, that it seems so counter-intuitive to what's really important in life: the happiness of myself, and of others. I never want to go back to that world of sterile corporate cubicals where my servitude was not optional. Where I was enslaved to capitalism and making others rich at the expense of others. No, instead I'd rather live modestly, be happy and use my life as a tool not only to serve the city, but the world.


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