Durums, the Best Street Food in Brussels?

Best Street Food in Brussels?
So I travel different then most people. Definitely a lot different than most Americans. I would rather have cheap street food from a cart vendor in some back alley than spend 25 Euros on sit down meal. Don't get me wrong, I like a good evening out with friends and wine for the socialization, but when it comes to the really, really good food- I've just found it usually comes from the unlikeliest of places: street carts, hole-in-the walls, and sidewalk vendors.

Brussels is of course known for street-food with their often permanently anchored fritures and gaufre vendors in commune squares selling fries and waffles late into the night. Of course I've already mentioned the pitas from Pita Alley, and the numerous combinations of foods you get from this restaurants. It's all delicious. Then again, I'm always looking for that next fix. I tried the mitrailletes (sub) which I had hoped would be more like the French's Americain (not the Belgian version of minced raw meat which I very much don't like), but I found the meat sub-par though unusually tasty. If only I could find one like in France, I might die happy. Of course the baguettes and the traditional sandwiches here are out of this world too, and as I've said before, I'm sure there are countless variations of street-foods out there awaiting my purchase, I just have to find them.

One very popular option here in Brussels is the durum. After trying it, I completely became addicted and began a 12-step program which included avoiding certain metro stops which have donner-kebab shops. So far, I'll say it's the best darn street food I've had. What's a durum?  Well here at least it's a tortilla wrap (that they'll call a pita) with spicy chicken, lamb, or other mystery meat cooked on a spit, Donair (pita garlic flavored) sauce, lettuce, tomatoes and onions. It's all wrapped up and grilled than rolled into a Middle-Eastern"burrito" of perfection with some hot-golden Belgian fries. Some shops will add cheese for a bit more and I can't explain to you how good these things are. Just absolutely amazing!

The question now is what's next, there must be some undiscovered secret saucy, cheesy, delicious street food hidden right around the corner, the trouble is finding that. Till then, you might find me hanging around my neighborhood Anderlecht durum vendor enjoying my new European vice, waiting for suggestions.


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