Forging A New Path

This is my fight now. 
Expectation leads to disappointment. Surely when I began this adventure I had many expectations. Ideas, hopes, and dreams of what this adventure was to be, and the many people I had yet to meet, and how they'd be a part of it. Life never turns out the way you think it will, and indeed this journey hasn't either. Not to say that any of this should be construed to be negative, because it shouldn't. Life here in Wonderland is truly fantastic. It's just that, in order to move forward, in order to stop myself from constantly trying fulfill those expectations, it's time for me to break free. It's time to forge a new path, a future of chaos, unexpectedness, where up is down, where I shed my reliance on those imaginary phantoms I had longed to manifest into reality. The truth is, those people, those places, only truly ever existed in my head, and it's now time to give myself over to a world without limits and forge this new path. A path distinctly mine, a life which doesn't stop at typical, at precedent, and that doesn't adhere to the stories told of others. A reality of my own making.

Destiny they say is the voice in the wind calling us to distant shores, to seek that fate which regardless of it's outcome is our rite of passage. This is the day which I choose to begin this pilgrimage, this is my chance to find greatness in myself by letting go.

To those who I've dreamed- I wish thee well, Godspeed you in your journey but alas we now go our separate ways. What was shall not be forgotten, but the path I've chosen is no longer ours to share. This is my burden now, our history is your gift to me. To the shadows of my past, thank you.


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