Anderlecht VS Stockel Metros

I remember the first time I visited Brussels and at that time I was staying with a friend in Stockel, she explained to me that Stockel was considered a wealthier area of Brussels, thus the spanking new Metro train (complete with A/C), and the the various other shiny, glittery aspects of the upper-class life. Cool I thought, but at the other end of the line is Anderlecht. Of course I didn't know then, that when I moved to Brussels, I'd be living on "the other side of the tracks", in Anderlecht (a place with a mixed reputation). I actually love it here, but considering the "community" spirit of Europe, and the attempt for European culture to maintain equality, I find it quite ironic that the nice metro-trains on the 1 & 5 come to a skidding halt at Gare de l'Ouest (yes I realize occasionally there's one that slips down to Erasmus, but it's rare). For the most part, if you live in Anderlecht you're riding the older, squeeky, rail-stock from God knows when (I'm guessing the 60's). The trams (Marius Renard / Montgomery) are even worse. They're like side-ways toasters. People pop out of the doors like toast, the heat is never shut off even when it's hot, and almost daily someone wedges themselves in the doors and it takes three people to push them out.

Don't get me wrong, I've adopted all this nostalgic public transport as a flashback of a time gone by. I pretend like I'm in the olden days of Brussels. However I cannot deny that it's apparent by merely the public transportation in the city, that poorer sections of town get the older, less equipped trams and metro-trains. The question is why?

Someone told me it's because of taxes, and that because people pay more in Stockel, they get the nicer stock. I don't buy that, because it's all one system, (which would make it worse) and secondly that's not <hesitation> socialistic Europe, that's.... I'm not sure what that is... but it's medieval. Isn't the right thing to do is mix them up, and share the various rail stock? One day we get the nice tram, the next day you do?

The more I thought about it, the more it bugged me, but of course, there must be a better reason right? I started to justify the disparity by making a rational assumption: that the tracks must be significantly different in Anderlecht than the rest of Brussels, meaning the newer trams can't run on the tracks. Then one night while coming home late, I boarded a spanking new tram, compliments of somewhere nicer in the city that evening. 


Must be a bit of pity from my peeps on the east-side.


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