Dear Shannon | Love is a battlefield

In August of 2012, I left for four months to Belgium. This is the letter I left behind.

Dear my Love,

While such a letter may seem unkind, I felt somewhat a bit inclined, to tell you of my mistress to which, I run from your arms to hers I’ve done. My new love, I must tell is but a place where I must embrace, her foreign tongue, melodic sung, near my ears as she kisses the air from which I stand flying to this far away land.

Though I fly into another’s arms, it’s yours I’ll miss forever more. Though sweet Belgium calls my name, she will never be the same from hence I come forth, I make this recourse: the choice to leave as difficult as it seems, was only so you would then deem, my life honorable, and that you might think me special enough to love for all time if I succeed at becoming more inclined to earn your affection through an act of absolution.

 I have chosen to soar above, to earn your love, for if I naught then my love is not worthy of your thoughts.

So now I go to battle for our love, the hardest fight is you I have to let go of.

Love, Liv


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