Horse Meat, It's what's for dinner.

Best horse I've ever ate.
I'm not sure where I was when I saw it, but I did, a restaurant that advertised horse burgers. I literally stopped, turned to the window with the sign, and for a moment I questioned my French skills. "Yep, that says Horse, not hair." Suddenly I'm excited, it's something taboo! I love taboo stuff!. Better yet, the idea of eating a horse has absolutely no emotional effect on me what so ever. As long as it's dead, and not moving- I'm good.

Of course this is the second weird Belgian food I've found, the first (not really food) is absinthe. I'm not sure what else is lurking out there, but my Catholic school girl upbringing in the States has me yearning to break out and find each one.

So you can imagine my enthusiasm as I ran home and told my host-mom I had found horse in town. Unfortunately I had forgot where it was. Her reply? "Aimes tu le cheval?" Uh "Hell yeah!!!", I think in my head, Obviously it's meat, and there's not much meat I don't love. Of course I told her, that "I didn't know", and that I had never had it. That's when Mom said she'd buy me some for dinner one night. Boo yeah! Host-Mom rocks!

So another day passes and I came home to this huge steak. She peered over the couch with my sister carefully not trying to give away the surprise. A couple bites and she cautiously asks "C'est bon?"- Oh yes. While I also sort of knew it was a horse, I played along. "Ouais! C'est bon!" Mom quickly informed me it was horse. Quite frankly it was the best meal I had at my home-stay since arriving. I had been waiting for that one dish, that one amazing thing which was new and different- and this was it!

Now this is where the story gets downright hilarious. My room-mate decided to eat his portion of horse earlier in the night, but they chose not to inform him that his steak was 100% Belgium horse steak. (That's what he gets for being hungry!) I'm certainly he assumed it was just another edible cow with no emotional baggage attached, but he was wrong.

The next evening I invited him to go feed the homeless with me at Gare Du Nord, and indeed he agreed to come. We rolled down on the Marius Renard to Gare Du Midi and that's when I asked him what he thought of the previous nights dinner. His face went blank, the blood drained: "Horse? (gulp)", he asked trembling. Giggling I said "Yes!!!" There at the turnstile to the tram, my roomie informed me he wasn't feeling good and was going to return home.

Of course it didn't hit me till later, but that night on the way home inside of Tram 3, I broke out laughing so hard as I realized it was probably my dinner confession that led him to his freak acute sickness. Of course tonight I asked if it was the fact that he ate horse that made him sick, and he replied that he wasn't sure. My bragging of eating horse has personally been met with remarks of horror and disgust. A badge of courage I proudly wear. Gosh I love weird, atlternative Brussels.


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