Mitraillette Burger Maison

Mitraillette Burger Maison
So after drinking on Wednesday night and not enough sleep I woke up with a head-ache that felt as if King-Kong was inside my cranium playing drums. After a brief morning class and a study gap between my afternoon studies, I decided to forgo the normal destination of many Veco students (the VUB sandwichery) and visit my friends over at the Etterbeek Station friture. Luckily it's right around the corner, and though it's not the finest friture in town, it's a Godsend for hangovers and returning to school. It's also the only place I've found that has real beef on their mitraillettes. I still haven't figured out what the "normal" hamburger is, but it's not beef in and sense of the American word. Though they will fill your stomach, I personally refuse to order the fake burgers.

However I got a bit excited after noticing the sign at the Etterbeek friture that read 100% real beef round. That's when I noticed they have something on the menu called a mitraillette burger maison. Using my collegiate skills of deductive reasoning, and the fact the price was nearly 8 Euros, I assumed it must be close to my French: Le Sandwich Americain (which isn't like the Belgian version with the same name). So I asked around, but no one knew. So the other day, I went and ordered one. Sometimes this strategy works, and sometimes it doesn't. My one meal with raw shrimp and egg one day was enough for me to curb the policy. However what I did get was real close. It is real beef, on a baguette with frites and sauce. In all, it was perfect that day. I could have gone for some mustard too, but this particular stand does not offer it. It also lacked the cheese and salad of the French version. But I'm not complaining at all... it's real beef, a baguette, and frites. They actually serve it in a paper boat. It's a lot of food, and perfect when you need real comfort food.

Of course I doubt my friends at the friture have any idea that there's one similar in French. Perhaps if they did, they'd offer it, because if I find that here.... I'll be hooked.


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