Bicky Burger

Someone once told me when I arrived in Bruxelles, quietly so not to be heard, you can't really experience Belgian cuisine until you've had  a Bicky Burger. 


First thing, I'm not even sure if it's Belgian, but it sure is available here at almost every friture. Yet it's taken me nearly three month to have one. 

I get the feeling after talking to people about the Bicky, that it's one of those "secret" indulgences, the likes of ball-park food, reserved for special occasions, or after late-night binge drinking. 

They must be fairly popular, because when a local chip/crisp manufacturer quizzed its customers on what it wanted for a new flavor, Bicky was the choice that won. I have tried the chips too, but found them underwhelming.

But I do get the draw of the Bicky Burger. It's a deep-fried patty of mystery meat (typical of the friture burgers) but topped with (what I believe to be) French's (or the equivalent) fried onions, and the three Bicky sauces. Those being red, yellow, and brown. You might assume that's ketchup, mustard, and some other flavor, but I don't think that's the case. I spent several minutes dissecting my Bicky like it was a 9th grade science project and I could not discern what the heck any of it was. So I gave it a taste: sweet, and bit of tart- not bad!

I'm still not big on the mystery meat patties, and a real Bicky Burger made of real beef would be an indulgence I'd gladly pay for- but I get it. The Bicky is the mystery meat... it's a sausage like burger with more flavor than you can generally find in Brussels cuisine, and considering a Bicky costs just a few Euros with frites, I can see how the Bicky Burger has become the cult favorite it has over here.

Now I just need to know where to buy Bicky sauce so I can smuggle some back tot he U.S.



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