Oceans Apart

Ever further is my dusk to her dawn.
I ride this train alone into the night.
Destination unknown, our life gone.
Last call for love, departing out of sight.

Your chaos not my burden, I've let go.
To live this life of wanderlust and dreams.
The stranger I am now, you do not know.
Impending self-murder by return screams.

The trench of sacrifice demands more blood.
Self evolution, strangers once lovers,
Sugared words drown the emotional flood.
Should we try again to find each other?

Find the home I never again can go?
Three clicks to an empty reproduction.
This haunted homecoming I do not know.
I consider unthinkable action.

That dreamt and that real again interchange.
Upright, unbuckled, a choice must be made.
My green mile ends in rendezvous strange.
As I choose, part of me begins to fade.

Ever-after a crack of light of sun,
Beckons me, taunts me to return
To give up capitulation and run,
Oceans Apart where broken becomes one.


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