The Test (The Kiss)

Sojourned I have forgotten the sad truth
One of us had passion in our eyes
The other a comfort, but I sought proof:
That I'm hopeless, or love is a lie.

Oceans Apart, life lived without you
has made me long for our love's first embrace,
But I warn myself of our last one too.
I return with uncertainty to face.

All dissent my exodus- proves your love.
But I want fire, I want our flesh to burn,
I want our sin to enrage God above:
The sweat upon our skin, screaming in turn.

Yet I know not does this reality exist.
Homecoming trades my loved life for amour.
My hubris of hope may be the sad twist.
If I lose both in my heart and mind's war.

One day it came to me a test to run
Watching Parisien bisous of others,
their deep endearing kiss never seemed done.
Will departure have made us these lovers?

On that day I return  home when lips meet.
A single kiss will decide the mind's truth:
That I've fought and won your heart's love complete.
Should we fail this turn, we need no more proof.


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