The Last Song Before Running Away

 Love chases me through the day.
 Thoughts of her that never goes away.
 I try to let her go, I succeed for a bit.
 But in me, she is ingrained in it.

She calls me, beckons me...
 the solitude she has given me
a choir of whispers, of sirens...
leading me to meaningless hope.
fevering  my contagion, my ailment:
 Her love of life, my amour accident.

Our embrace,
You touch my face, and say...

Turn Around.
Be Brave.
Run Away.
Never, ever look back.
Be strong.
Dream on.
Carry on.
...and one last thing too:
I, Love, You.

She runs far from me,
ever with a kind face,
her duality,
no difficulty
 in justifying.
Darker truth than damage done,
collateral for her preservation,
she will never give up salvation:

That perhaps she was moved by such ideas,
into the same dark corners as I,
and found our self-made universe,
to be an amicable compromise...
in our chaotic intercourse.

Our embrace,
I touch your face, and say...



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