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Fasten Seat Belt While Seated (Run)

Run, run run into tomorrow Inhale, exhale, consume this life. Push through walls of pain and sorrow. Bear every wind, craving the strife.
A debt to pay to win first place. Your chance to change directions With every decision we face. Let go of your reservations.
Each destination defeated. Fasten seat belt while seated.

No Fate but What We Make

It's taken me nearly two months to actually decide to publish this post. I wasn't sure I originally would, but I think I finally feel it's time. Perhaps that's a sign? 

19 December, 2012
 (My return flight after four month in Belgium)

I've been awake for nearly 24 hours and I'm emotionally exhausted. Every few seconds on the plane a thought would creep in and I'd have to force myself to stop the thought in order to stop from becoming an emotional wreck in the cabin. A few times the elderly woman beside me glanced over and I could tell I had caused her to feel my pain. That said, I'm back in The States.  I've been sitting here at Dulles since about 2 PM with delay after delay (It's now 9PM and we don't expect to arrive home till midnight). I've walked the corridors, purchased a cheeseburger, and I'm sitting with a Starbucks. Considering my predicament, any more of a description would likely beguile you with my sarcasm of arriving in an a…

The Allocentric Tourist Never Comes Home

Adjustment at arriving home has been filled with some interesting dilemmas. For instance, the other day at Greensboro Imaging, I was asked four times, by four different people "you ain't from around here are you?" Mind you, this phenomenon did not occur (or at least as often) before my departure. I'm not even sure how to answer that. I've lived hear for nearly a decade, and grew up here during a good-part of my childhood. Also, this isn't a one off occurrence, it's been happening daily.  I'm a tourist in my own home. I'm a TOURIST!

I think I just want to go home.

Perhaps it has something to do with being Allocentric. Yes, there's finally a name for me.  There's two types of people in this world- Psychocentrics and Allocentrics. Psychocentrics are tourists  who typically go to the same resort over and over again, choose safe, local, American locations, and like bundled packages. Allocentrics (meaning varied) love far off places, exotic locale…

Culture Gods | Manifesting Culture

It is not the consciousness of men that determines their existence. It is their social existence that determines their consciousness.” – Karl Marx (Walravens, 26)

Marx’s cautionary words should frighten you as it does me. We can cling to denial and preserve hope, but if accurate, then social-economic status determines not only that which we value, but also our destiny to live the life we desire. Given my own economic status, such a verdict confines me to a sentence of American culture: a horrid nightmare (in my opinion) in a land of Hummers, and deep-fried Twinkies that I neither want nor can afford. Within a paragraph Marx has shackled me inside a prison of capitalism induced poverty that I’m unlikely to abdicate, and true to that fact, I haven’t yet. My treasonous lack of salivating for the ringing bells of my native culture is constantly in conflict with my existence inside it. I refuse to capitulate my heart’s conviction:  that my existence is mine for the choosing, and changing m…

Mexican Food in Brussels

You know, it's the cry of every American, somewhere around week four of arriving in Brussels, to complain about the absolute lack of Mexican restaurants in Brussels (Chi-Chi's does not count, not ever). For some reason Tex-mex, and Mexican food has not broke into the culinary scene in Brussels (which probably would be a huge hit considering the durum popularity). Of course protecting the sacredness of this beloved genre from Belgians could be a good thing. I visited a Mexican restaurant in Krakow Poland one time that served cabbage-like coleslaw as the lettuce. I can honestly say it was the worst burrito I've ever had in my life. I know what you're saying, "why eat Mexican in Poland?" Yeah, yeah, I know that now.

There are a few places in Brussels though to get your hankering for the south-of-the-border taste. At home there's Mexi-Go, order mid-week and they'll even deliver it to your door. Some of my friends clamor about it, though I wonder why you w…